Holiday Inn Express


You should be able to view the Rotary rate once you have selected the dates of arrival and departure. 

Once the dates have been chosen you should see the first option of rates which is the Rotary rate as shown below:


This rate is an average amount of all the nights 3 nights as each rate is different per night. The total for 3 nights arriving the 29th of March and checking out the 1st is $766.95. This is however a special Rotary members rate which has a percentage off our normal best flexible rate.

The terms and conditions states that there is a 1 night non-refundable deposit, however as the hotel is not currently open (Mid December opening) we will not take the first night deposit from members until around the end of December. So please let them know that the date of deposit will be around the 31st of December. Up until this date, members are able to cancel free of charge if needed. 

Currently the website states that the parking is $20.00 per night however we have arranged for the Rotary members to only pay $15.00 per night for car parking. Car parking is arranged once you arrive to the hotel and is paid for on check out.