Gathering of D9685 Gnomes in Newcastle

Your club’s gnome on the left, Rotary Rocks Gnome on the right

Each club has received a Gnome from DG Susan, as she has visited your clubs, to decorate and bring to Newcastle, as the District 9685 Gnomes gather.

Join the Rotary Rocks Gnome in Newcastle as each club decorates a gnome that represents their own club – will we see the marketing gnome from Carlingford, the running gnome from Lindfield, the operatic gnome from Woy Woy, the antique gnome from Springwood or the caroling gnome from North Ryde and Macquarie Park?


You’ll have to bring your club’s gnome to Newcastle and find out!

Decorate your gnome before 29 March 2019

Deliver your gnome to NEX, Newcastle when you come to the Conference

See all the different gnomes from all corners of our amazing District. Be creative,  think outside the gnome and turn your tiny gnome into the giant power of your Rotary club!